About Us

Our Goals

Our primary objectives are the improvement of

  • Continuing Medical Education (cME)
  • Tumour detection
  • Health care for women
  • Health care for children
  • Connection to an international network of expert doctors

With the help of telemedicine, we can reach those goals

In order to make diagnoses, expert doctors are required. In developing countries, however, there are

  • Few expert doctors in urban hospitals
  • No expert doctors in rural hospitals


Our Tasks

  • Project planning
  • Project implementation
  • Long-term project monitoring
  • Delivering medical equipment
  • Providing telemedicine software
  • Train doctors and medical personnel locally
  • Train doctors using video conferences and stored lectures
  • Provide expert doctors


Local Diagnoses

Transporting patients to a remote hospital is difficult in developing countries. Reasons are

  • Long distances
  • Poor roads
  • No vehicles

By means of telemedicine and expert doctors, diagnoses for patients from rural areas can be made locally.

Hospitals in developing countries
International expert doctors



OWMN was established in the beginning of 2013. Some members of our association, however, have been involved in development aid for more than 10 years. The members of the NGO are doctors and personnel experienced in IT and project management.



We, the members of OWMN, believe to achieve our goals in collaboration with others.

OWMN collaborates with

Anna E. Schmaus-Klughammer


Project manager of development projects since 2006. As a lawyer she is responsible for the preparation of Memoranda of Understanding and agreements.

Elias Klughammer

Vice President

Head of development for telemedicine software. Trainer for telemedicine software of physicians and mid-level health workers in developing countries, since 2008.

Angelika Delong

Public Relations

Worked for small and large companies and was involved in human resource issues, project management, site development and marketing.